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What Is MagnetGold ?

It is the world's first digital asset which is being created to make this world more developed and prosper by using Blockchain Technology. This token is being created with the purpose of supporting many things not just one thing. In future MTG coin also supports many other concepts for the purpose of more prosperity of world.

MagnetGold is Decentralized cryptocurrency on the world’s biggest platform Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20). By using of the best of blockchain technology MagnetGold is going to support:

    • 1. Expertise & Funding Support To Startups.
    • 2. Support For Greenenergy.
    • 3. Support and Care In Agro/Organic Agriculture.
    • 4. Support For New Revolution In E-commerce For merchant or community.
    • 5. Spreading Awareness & Education About Crypto.
    • 6. Support For Real Estate.
    • 7. Establishing a World Class Crypto Exchange.

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Why Choose Us?

MagnetGold provides a standardized, stable and safe development environment for smart contracts, enabling business-friendly smart contract coding, deploying and executing


Decentralized thing isn’t 10x better than centralized thing. If decentralization is a core part of the product, the best user-experience is generally a hybridly-decentralized thing, balancing the value-add and value-loss of decentralizing a product.

Safe and Secured With Advance Technology

MagnetGold is Using World’s Best Secure Technology.


The technology lying behind MTG currency is a great benefit to those fighting the climate crisis, and help bring about a more sustainable global economy.


MTG Coins possess the following comprehensive features: Dedicated Blockchain, Scalable consensus algorithms, minimal utilization of electricity, worldwide acceptance.

Whale Shock Safety

No Wallet Holds More Than 1% of Token Supply.

Currency Holding Dividend Mechanisms.

4% of All Transactions Amount Received from Selling of Tokens are Located to Holders. Your Wallet Climb The Movement You Hold MTG.

Fully Transparency

A Totally Transparent Development Process Offers Users An Opportunity To Look Through The History of All Transactions.

Business Profit Using For Liquidity

30% of All Business Profit from MTG’s Fund Will Be Use for Liquidity.

Our Strong Team

MTG Have Large and Strong Experienced Management, Technical and Marketing Team.


Powering the Purpose of MTG Network

We offer a public decentralized and secure way to perform self-executing transactions, along with globally accessible smart contract. Whatever you can do with cash, you can now do with digital currencies. For making a better and prosper world we are using blockchain technology in many ventures. In essence MagnetGold Coin going to help many sectors as given below

Expertise & Funding Support to Startups

Expertise & funding support to startups so that they can grow and make the world developed and prosperous while creating jobs.

Support for Green Energy

Green energy is important for the environment as it replaces the negative effects of fossil fuels with more environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Support and Care in Agro/Organic Agriculture

Organic means produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals. Our aim is to support organic agriculture

Support For New Revolution in E-commerce For Merchant & Community

E-commerce customer service is the framework to assist merchants via online platforms and throughout their life cycle journey.

Establishing a World Class Crypto Exchange

To build a trusted exchange will be able to offer reliable trading solutions and have the appropriate security measures in place. To bring revolution in Crypto Trading.

Spreading Awareness & Education about Crypto

We are regularly spreading awareness about the crypto-currency among the people and new generation so that we can boost the income of the youth and make their life prosperous.

Support For Real Estate

MTG Will Design a Platform To Help Users Earn Secondary Income By Building And Diversifying A Global Real Estate Network. MTG Will Presents a Solution To The Growing Fraud Challenges.


Token Distribution



    • Open Market - 40%
    • Founders - 20%
    • Partners - 18%
    • Reward & Incentive for Research & Development - 12%
    • Referal & Bounty - 5%
    • Advisors - 3%
    • Legal - 2%
    • Purchase Method : BTC/ETH/USDT/BNB


Our Token Features Include

  • High-level blockchain security

  • 5% of profit reserved for social works

  • Smart Fintech

  • Cost-effective

  • Affordable

  • Less human involvement and errors

  • Smart Fintech

  • Proof of transcation

  • Instant Transfer

  • Smart contracts

Executive Team

Team Members

Mr. Arun Kumar
Chairman Cum Managing Director
MrAjayKumar Sharma
Mr. Ajay Kumar Sharma
Managing Director / CEO
Mr. Arvind Kumar
Mr. Abhay Kumar
Mr. Nagendra Yadav

Team / Consultant / Advisor

Noel Massey
Technical Director
Deepika Singh
Chief Technical Officer
Abhishek Singh
Technical Officer
Sandhya Tiwari
Sr. Web Designer
Drupad Brahm Chandel
Compliance Manager
Anit Goel
Hardware Architect
Durgesh Kumar
Chief Revenue Officer
Padmesh Pratap Singh
Social Media Manager
Pallavi Gupta
Senior Customer Relationship
Preety Dwivedi
Graphic Designer
Manoj Kumar Sahu
Marketing Specialist
Amit Kumar Singh
Marketing Manager
Prahlad Rai
Niranjan Kumar Singh
Rupesh Kumar Akela

Our Road Map

Our strategic plan that defines a Goal or desired outcome and include the major steps or milestones needed to reach it.

First Phase

  1. * Contract Deployment and Audit
  2. * Website and Social Media Release
  3. * Bounty Model Launch
  4. * Pan-Cake Swap Launch
  5. * Launch on Crypto Exchanges
  6. * Included by Coin Marketcap
  7. * Included by Coingecko
  8. * Launching Marketing Campaign

Second Phase

  1. * Listing on Multiple Exchanges and going for Partnerships and fund raising programs.
  2. * App Launch for Help of Startups
  3. * App Launch for Agro/Organic Agriculture
  4. * App & academic course launch for mass training and awareness about blockchain, crypto-currency and trading on exchange
  5. * Listing on Coin Codex
  6. * Listing on Coin Paprika
  7. * Staking Pool Programs Launching world wide

Third Phase

  1. * Launch Own World Class Crypto Exchange
  2. * launching of App and Platform of E-commerce For merchants and buyers
  3. * Decentralized E-Vehicle Management and green energy platform and App Launch
  4. * Market Place, Awareness App Launch for Real Estate
  5. * Launching of mass marketing, referral and awareness program
  6. * Exclusive Mobile App Launch for Holders
  7. * Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) personal wallet launch.
  8. * Longreen Corporation Will Launch a Gaming Website by Use of MTG Coins in Games.
  9. * Setup an office in Dubai for worldwide operations.


MagnetGold Team is Commited in Mission of Making World More Prosper Its a begining . . .
We Seek Your Blessings . . .

Ask Anything

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the popular questions about blockchain technology and MagnetGold.

MTG Coin is the emerging cryptocurrency, which has become the talk of the world, due to its vast array of benefits.
The total supply of MTG coins is 700 Million.
The MTG Coin network is not controled by anyone, just as the technology, is not controled by anyone. MTG coin is controlled by its users around the world. Thus all developers and users have a strong incentive for protecting this consensus.
* Payment freedom
* Fewer risks for merchants
* Security and control
* Transparent and neutral

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